Reveal of the 2022 China Panda Coin Design

The new design of the 2022 China panda coin was unveiled by the People’s Bank of China on 15th September 2021. As the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics and to celebrate the 40th birthday of the China panda coin, the 2022 panda coin design has integrated Winter Olympic elements.

Photo Source: china.prcfe.com

2022 China Panda Coin Design Highlights 

The designer of the panda pattern, Huang Qin, explained at the 2022 China panda coin launch ceremony that the design illustrates two panda cubs playing with snow and embraces the kind of innocence and harmonic atmosphere between animal and nature.

china panda

Photo source: china.prcfe.com

The logo on the 2022 China panda coin new design also retained the number “40” that filled with a robust panda pattern to mark the 40th birthday of the coin, also to express good wishes from the energetic, lovely panda.

Investment Value of the 2022 China Panda Coin

China’s gold panda coin, issued by the People’s Bank of China, is a precious metal bullion and commemorative coin in China suitable for both collectors and investors alike. Its various and artistic patterns have won the coin both a unique position in the world coinage and numerous awards at home and abroad.

Mintage information of the 2022 China Panda Coin

2022 China Panda Gold Coin 30gram 1,000,000pcs
  15gram 250,000pcs
  8gram 250,000pcs
  3gram 500,000pcs
  1gram 500,000pcs
2022 China Panda Silver Coin 30gram 10,000,000pcs
2022 China Panda Platinum Coin 30gram 10,000pcs
  1gram 100,000pcs

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